Announcing Lightspeed’s Series C investment in All Day Kitchens β€” the leading distributed platform for restaurant infrastructure.

August 2021

Why product and services marketplaces earn profits differently at scale.

June 2021

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Why some marketplaces can drive their flywheels faster.
Lightspeed invests in Frubana, doubling down on LATAM. Plus: pumping up PTON, anime going mainstream, the NFT bust, and more.
Are consumer brands getting bigger, faster? If so, why?

May 2021

How Web3 aligns fans and creators to take down online aggregators.
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Small is the next big thing. Plus: oil crops and the environment, vibing out to mix tapes, speed running Pi, and peak shounen anime.

April 2021

How payment tech lubricates marketplaces. Plus: Squarespace goes public, the media cycle, Apple's dominance with teens, and more!
Wholesale marketplaces are coming. Here are 3 strategies to help them succeed.

March 2021

Congrats to thredUP, now $TDUP, on its IPO!